The Route

Drubber route map

Drubber route map. Click to zoom.

DD Elevation


Start at the Tobacco Factory, BS3 1TF (point A on the map above) and finish at the Carpenter’s Tavern, BS41 8NE (B). The route is just under 25 miles (just under 40km).

Please note, the route features some tough climbs, sharp bends and narrow, occasionally busy roads. We certainly advise wearing a helmet, good brakes and good road sense, especially on the descents!

Check out a mapmyride link here.

And a Strava one here.

Purists please note: the first two Drubbers finished at The Dundry Inn, half a mile down the road from the Carpenter’s Tavern. Chances are the actual event will continue to finish at the latter but I guess there are now a choice of routes for when you get down to those last few seconds…

For the double Drubber: complete the original course, then descend down “Ascent 1” (Broadoak Hill) then up most of Highridge Road (the yellow “Not too posh to push” route), before turning right on to Oxleaze Lane back up to the crossroads. Then do the original course in reverse (i.e. down “Ascent 2” (East Dundry Lane), up “Descent 1” (Upton Lane), down “Ascent 3” (Dundry Lane) etc.)


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